Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This Week I...

…went to watch Grease at the Odeon Cinema.

Please note the very Sandy-esque outfit.

Skinny Bitches were very lucky to be invited to a very fabulous event this past week.

The Dealio: The Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town hosts monthly-themed movie and dinner evenings. Guests are treated to dinner, wine tastings, drinks, tasty treats, prizes as well as a goodie bag. Not to mention getting to enjoy an awesome movie.

The Venue: The Pepper Club can be found in Loop Street, Cape Town. Think movie-style hotels. The kind where doormen greet you instead of wondering why you’re there. With all the pretty people drifting in and out of the lobby, I half expected Richard Gere to pop out somewhere and offer me some money to spend some time with me. It’s that classy a place! Also it has a very fabulous bar called the Paparazzi Bar which apart from great drinks, has huge containers filled with sweets, chocolates and chappies gum; drinks and sweets, my kinda place.

The Paparazzi Bar

The Theme: One of my guilty pleasures is dancing movies. Seriously no matter how awful the dialogue, I’m talking to you Step Up 3D, I can handle it as long as there are some awesome dance routines in the middle. So I was beyond words happy when I found out that we’d be watching Grease. Even better, the whole theme was centered around Summer Loving.

The Venue

The Event: The event started with some old-school soda pop, snacks and wine from Leopard Leap. We were then ushered into the cinema and settled in with some popcorn and coke floats.

Skinny Bitches rocking it

The movie started and I’m not gonna lie, I sang along. Halfway through though the movie stopped. Luckily it had nothing to do with my singing but more with the amazing food awaiting us. That’s right, even more food! And even better, there was a waffle station with enough toppings to put you into a diabetic coma. I may have made more than one venture over there :)

The Waffle Station aka Heaven

Once we’d eaten enough and made sure the rest of the weekend would be spent at the gym, we finished the rest of the movie. Afterwards we were all told to look under out seats because there were some awesome prizes laying around. I was lucky enough to have one prize which is a pole-dancing lesson! Stay tuned to the blog cos that will definitely be an interesting experience.

With our girls

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

For more deets about The Pepper Club, their Mid-Week Movies and bookings you can go to their website or Facebook page.


  1. Sounds so awesome! Love the 'rocking it' pic :)

  2. What an amazing night, I am soo jealous! PS you looked fab, Sandy would be so proud and Rizzo would have made you a pink lady!

  3. Sounds so cool! That waffle table is making me hungry!

  4. sounds like so much fun. I love Grease

  5. Glad you had fun! Love the pic of the two of you!

    Will look out for you at Vida.... :-)

  6. Firstly, you're adorable and secondly, you had me at waffle station!! Wowzers!!! Loving this!
    ox tash

  7. thank you for following my blog :) and twitter :) yay!

    I like your blog - so cute :)
    almost friday - YAY!!! weekend

    Betty Bake Blog


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