Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mid-Week Notes

*Last night one of my fashion dreams came true. I was lucky enough to meet Chris Viljoen from Elle at the Witchery launch last night. I may have squealed and acted totally uncool but it was worth it. He is beyond fabulous!

*Speaking of Witchery, the brand is fabulous! It's very Country Road but a bit more grown-up and sophisticated. I attended the launch last night at St Ives in Camps Bay. There were lots of fashion peeps, pretty PR girls and some kick-ass motijos. The new winter range was showcased to the media and it's something to look forward to. There is this white shirt that I am prepared to sell my car, my bestie and my shoe collection for. It's that amazing.

*Tonight I'll be attempting to make a chocolate pie. Similar to the one in Julie and Julia. We're having our favourite gay best friends over for dinner and the evening calls for something special. If it flops, all those involved have promised to like it nonetheless. I have awesome friends.

*I'm getting excited for this time next week. I'll be going to the SA - USA soccer game at Cape Town stadium. Cannot wait to get out my yellow shirt and flag again. Also I cannot wait to get crunk ;)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Hi there,

    you have a very cool looking blog, and I just wanted to leave you a comment. So anyway, I just wanted to see if you would visit my blog. And if you follow me, I will follow you... :)


  2. Ahem. If I had known that I would be erased so easily from the apex of your affections, I would never have introduced you to him... SGx

  3. I hope you get that skirt!...with car, bestie and your shoe collection, intact and still under your ownership, of course ;-)

  4. Your life always sounds so glamorous, and yes I'm a little jealous ;) Between picking up Knox poo and feeding the boyfriend there's little time for launch events (OMG I sound like my mother. Eek!)

    Hope you have loads of fun at the game

  5. Sounds like you had a fab nite! PS I love Julie & Julia, what a great film! xx


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