Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Shopping Time

Now that I’m holiday, the Christmas spirit can truly begin. I’ll be using my time to watch cheesy festive movies, sing carols by candlelight and drink lots of wine. I’ll also try and brave the shops for some shopping. I have a big family and an even bigger circle of besties that need a little something something ;)

As much as I love this time of year, I know shopping will be an insane experience. So I’ve decided to set up a little list of items that I will be on the hunt for. Perhaps these can help some of you out. Also please feel free to send in suggestions.

For the boys in my life…and by boys I mean my gays. I definitely need to reward these guys for sticking by me when I’m drunk, sad or feeling fat. They make me smile, they cook me dinner and bring me new episodes of Glee.

The Selby Is In Your Place is a collection of stylish profiles featuring the oh-so-marvelous peeps in the fashion, design and art industries shot by the genius that is Todd Selby.

The next idea is to keep them super savvy for Cape Town summer. How fab are these boat shoes by Bronx. I’m really loving this grey colour, a nice change from the usual brown. Super affordable and super stylish.

For the girls in my life…you’ve drooled over Bradley Cooper with me, told me I look fabulous at a club at 2 in the morning when I’ve got mascara stains on my cheeks and don’t judge when I have two desserts. Luv ya bitches!

This is one of those items that I would love very much to receive myself…so in case you didn’t hear it drop, that was a hint ;) This butterfly dress from Sissy Boy is so cute. It’s pretty and versatile enough to wear to work or out on the town.

I was browsing over on Spence the other day when I came across this great anchor necklace by Steffany Roup.

For the fandamily it’s a little hard as there are so many of us. So these ideas are some stocking fillers:

Soon I'll be posting my Christmas wish list.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Snap on the cheesy Christmas movie gorge. Can never get enough of them :)
    Happy Shopping!

  2. Just discovered your blog and love it! Now following you xx


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