Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's All Take a Moment...

...and look at pictures of good-looking men.

I have to admit, James McAvoy in the new X-men was a big drawcard for me. After watching the movie I can now say I'm way more into Michael Fassbender who plays Magneto.

Ladies...I don't think words are necessary, do you?!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. One word: Thor.
    Although I admit those forehead wrinkles on Magneto do work very nicely for him...

  2. He is in a new Jane Eyre film playing the lead role! swoon! xx

  3. Oh Gosh, my wobbly knees - but they're probably gay.

  4. I really enjoyed that movie! Hehe, those two were just too gorgeous!


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