Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current Obsessions


This has been labeled like a grownup Glee. I feel it’s not that grownup but it’s like how Glee used to be. Before the ridiculous plots and lame Ricky Martin episode. It’s based on the creation of a Marilyn Monroe musical. It’s got Grace from Will & Grace not being very nice, catchy songs, bitchy back-up dancers and Jack Davenport. I just got the soundtrack as well and it’s amazing. Have been playing it non-stop. It can definitely brighten up a day.

One Direction
It started with one song and now I’m playing the CD all day. It’s catchy and cute and totally reminds me of when I was boyband-obsessed a couple of years ago. The music is the perfect way to brighten up a droll day. And also they’re very nice to look at. Particulalry Zayn. Knowing he was born in 1994 does make me feel a little bad perving over him though.

Game of Thrones

Obvs I love the series but right now I am obsessed with the books. I’ve just started the first one and it’s really good. I was worried it wouldn’t be as entertaining since I knew how it ended (have still not forgiven Joffrey for killing Ned btw) but it’s very addictive. If I normally love a book I read it straight from start to finish in one setting, barely pausing for meals. But with this one I’m trying to take it a bit slow. Especially since I haven’t bought the second book yet.

Okay, first up, if you have seen this show and were one of those peeps who didn’t tell me about it we cannot be besties. It is so unbelievably good. I like Claire Danes as the ever-so-crazy CIA agent. She can curse like it’s no one’s business. Also it stars Mandy Patinkin who I have always loved first as Iago in Princess Bride.

Glitter Shoes

Ever since Miu Miu came out with their glitter booties, they are all I can think about. 36Boutiques have a fabulous selection of glitter heels. And my absolute favourite pair are the ones above from G.Couture. I heart them but still in two minds about whether I can pull them off. Le sigh.

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