Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Little Hattery

So last Friday, us Skinny Bitches were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of The Little Hattery

If you don't know, TLH are the go-to peeps for bespoke, handcrafted headwear. They do everything from hats and fascinators to bridal headwear to Venetian masks. Their latest projects include doing their thang for the new Spud movie with John Cleese (yes, that was a namedrop ;)) and for the new Madame Zingara season.

They were also responsible for the Steampunk look that the staff at the new TRUTH HQ are sporting. These guys look boss and it's probably why the event dress code was Steampunk and was held at the HQ. The new place looks amazing. Sadly, there were way too many peeps to get proper photos. 

When we arrived in our steampunk chic - not very much as our bustiers and pocket watches were at the cleaners - we were greeted by this lady. Not sure of her name or why she was wearing a box for a skirt.

But she had bubblin' drinks. And she was handing them out. Win! 

The night started out with a firedancer which was awesome. I once tried to start poi-dancing lessons but right before the venue suddenly had to undergo renovations. I secretly think my friends feared for their safety and told them to tell us that. You can't really see from the snaps but this guy was good. 

 Afterwards there was a fashion show. There were some burlesque dancer types who made me regret ever eating and I cursed my thighs.



There were hotties in long-ass coats with brooding eyes that made me giggle like a school girl.

 And then there was this hat, which made me oh "Oh Em Gee, I'm gonna need to steal that." Obviously I have nowhere fancy to wear it to but who says you cannot look stylish while cleaning your flat.

You can't see it but it's amazing. Ostrich feathers and sh
Here are the entire fashion cast.

Sadly, we had a dinner to had to get to so we left straight after the fashion show. But if you wanna see what else went down and what the other peeps wore, you can check out their Facebook page. 

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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