Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wall Art*

*Originally I was going to title this post DIY Christmas Craft. As I read it back I realised how much it sounded like one of those stay at home mom blogs. And since I already do crafts I didn't want to make this sound any sadder ;)*

So I came across these awesome tutorials online about creating your own wall art. As you *must* know by now, there is no better time to me than Christmas.  So this was the perfect time for me to try this out.

I gathered my materials which consisted of a blank canvas, some foam letter, glue, white spray paint. I chose my text and then got to work gluing the letters down.

Once they dried, I started to spray paint it white. This in all honestly was the hardest part. As I had to wait for each layer to dry before doing the next. It took forever.

Once it was done though, it looked perfect. I was so happy how it turned out.

As I did this weeks ago before the season started I had to keep it away from our lounge. Peeps judge. Last week I (was finally allowed to) put up the Christmas tree. And here is how it looks.

You kinda have to be in the room to get the whole effect but trust me it's festive and fab!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Image via Pinterest.


  1. This is brilliant! So glad to see that it works as I really want to try this for another decor idea.


  2. Such a cool idea. Your lounge looks amazing!


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