Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Future Boyfriend Part 10

Hey there lover.

As you know I am still patiently waiting for you to make you move so we can end up in loved-up bliss where I can get really fat and you still love me forever. Also you buy me shiny things.

As you are taking your sweet ol’ time doing your thang – and yes I know we shouldn’t hurry love – I have obviously gotten used to some expectations. Apart from the little and big things in the previous letters, I have also gotten some ideas and perceptions about what a good couple should be. Firstly we should be awesome, not gonna be hard we both rock that’s why we’re together; we have to appreciate each other and show it; and we have to have fun, passion, laughs and sexy times.

Straight off the back that sounds like a lot of pressure. So to alleviate some and perhaps give you some inspiration, I’ve identified some couples you can look to for guidance.

Who Michael and Holly 
From  The Office (US)
Why  To me a soulmate is someone who just gets you. And if that person is into you in a romantic way, it’s just fabulous. Michael and Holly worked because unlike the other peeps in the office or his other girlfriends, she got him. She took all his silliness, his flaws and his crazy and she loved him. They almost didn’t make it but he knew she was the one and he made it happen. And now they can be dorks together, forever.
Best Moment When Michael proposed with the help of the entire office and a million candles. Also he mistakenly spent 3 years salary on an engagement ring instead of 3 months. 


Who Patrick and Kat    
From 10 Things I Hate About You
Why Okay so they didn’t get together under the best circumstances. No girl wants to hear she’s only a prospect because there’s money involved. But in the end it all worked out. Along the way he managed to bring down her walls and she learnt how to open up thanks to him. They both found what they didn’t even know what they were looking for.
Best Moment Patrick serenading Kat on the soccer field. Swoon!

Who Daenerys and Khal Drogo
From Game of Thrones TV Show and A Song of Fire and Ice Book Series
Why Again another couple that didn’t start off on the right foot. Unless you consider your brother selling you off to a tribe for an army as romantic. In the series (books and TV) Dany is not happy about the union in the begining. But like any other woman in a tough situation; she finds a way to make it work. And then she finds a way to love her man. And then they have hot sex. Also they call each other My Star and Stars and Moon of my Life.
Best Moment When Khal agrees to help his love win back her family’s seat on the Iron Throne. If you’ve read the books, you’ll know this is a MAJOR thing. 

Who Jamal and Latika
From Slumdog Millionaire
Why Nothing like a story that fights the odds. These two survived riots, Indian slums, poverty and crime lords to be together. From the beginning Jamal knew it was written and you cannot fight destiny. Also they get to do a killer Bollywood dance at the end.  
Best Moment Jamal entering the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire because he knows Latika watches it.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

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