Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Love Life In Gifs and Images

When I’m About To Make A Move On A Guy and A Stick Insect Gets There First

 When I See A Hookup at The Shops 

When Guys Tell Me They Usually Go For Skinny Girls/Date Models/Have Girls Chasing After Them Constantly

When Some Guy Propositions Me With A Graphic Sexual Act

When I Wake Up Next To A Real Live Guy In My Bed

When Only Old Guys Respond To My Online Dating Profile

When Faced With A Prospect Of A Date

When A Hookup Finds Me On Facebook

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. bloody hilarious! stop that now- i'm at work and am not allowed to laugh...or have a personality;)

  2. I'm having an "I hate men" day, so that was just what I needed, thanks :)

    You NEED to check out and

    Awesome with the gifs, and they make me feel better about being over 25 and (sorry mom) unmarried.

  3. Brilliant!!!!!!!!



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