Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We all have someone we identify with. For most of the girls my age/generation it's Jess from New Girl or Hannah from Girls. For me, it's Minday Kaling or Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project. I've already expressed my love for the show over here. But now it's become something else.

This isn't just someone I identify with. She is someone who I think actually stole my eprsonality, issues and occasional dress sense.

I present my case below.

1. Weight

I am not skinny. I will never be skinny. I have accepted my body weight and shape. I am curvy and you know what some boys like it. Also when I diet, it's to lose weight and make sure my heart is healthy and I don't die and not because I want to be skin and bones. Although I would kill for an inner-thigh gap.

2. Why I'm Going To Hell

Caring about the environment is the worse. I really want to but am super lazy. So I try in my own ways like always using a material shopping bag and recycling when I remember. I want to care but it's so hard. Gossip. I'm not even going to explain why it rocks. It just does!

3.  My Thoughts On Self-Discovery

I'm all about the eating and loving bits. The other stuff just sounds like too much work.

4. My Love Life

Everyone is coupling up and I get dirty texts from weirdos late at night and hang out with gay guys. I am basically the best friend in every romcom and am there for advice (which I am good for) and laughs (which I am super good for. Urggghhhh!


I'm not saying they *stole* my life but the evidence is pretty self-explantory.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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