Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Role Model: Mabel Pines

It's not everyday you can find your role model in a cartoon series but I have. Mabel Pines is one of the stars of Gravity Falls, a cartoon series. Along with her twin brother, they are sent to a holiday resort to stay with their uncle and also hilarity and fun times ensue. My favourite part of this show is how Mabel relates to boys. Also the way she dresses because we have a similar penchant for knits and skirts.

Things I Have Learned From Mabel Pines:

1. How To Trick Boys Into Liking You

This note is genius. There is no chance for a boy to tell you no and say you smell. Also it gives them lots of options to profess their amount of like. Taking this on my next date.

2. How Not To Let The Haters Get You Down

If this wasn't a kids show, I am pretty sure that note would say, "Fuck off, I'm fabulous". Which is really what we all need to do when people are mean and try to bring you down. 

3. Find Your Personal Style and Own It

For reals, there is nothing I love more than a knit and a skirt. And luckily it seems to work with my body shape. Yeah for curves and clothes that flatter my waist. Life's too short to dress shitty.

4. How To Deal With Mean Girls

Kill those bitches with kindness. They hate that shit.

5. Just Believe In Yourself

No matter how much of a dork you are. As the movies and TV shows have taught us, the weird, quirky girl gets ahead too.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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