Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yours Truly

The fabulous coffee club met again. This time at Yours Truly in Long Street. There's something so weird about being in Long Street so early in the morning. There's no noise, there are no people pub crawling, all the neon lights professing Open! Bar! Shots! are switched off and there are no scantily-clad ladies. In fact there are no ladies even doing a walk of shame. Which I did expect. It was all sort of peaceful.

Yours Truly opened up in 2010 and you'd miss it if you weren't looking for it. There is a bench outside with loads of plants and even a hatch which I assumed is for take-aways but there were loads of creative types have a sit-down. Oh that's one thing I noticed it's full of well-dressed, hipster type peeps, girls in brogues and advertising boys with arm tattoos. So very interesting to people watch.

We were helped by very friendly baristas and had some delicious Deluxe coffee. Seriously it was amazingly good. I had another latte that day and I couldn't even begin to describe the disappointment when I took a sip of the inferior stuff. They have a lovely food menu and loads of freshly baked goods my thighs would never recover from.

They open up nice and early in the week and from 09h00 on a Saturday. So go on down and get a cuppa. It's so worth it!

Yours Truly
175 Long Street
021 422 3788

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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