Thursday, March 19, 2009


Welcome to Skinny Bitches – In the Making.

It is our aim to be fabulous, effortlessly stylish, high-flying career women with Christian Louboutins, handsome boys with stubble who look amazing in jeans and white t-shirts and the kind of apartments that are featured on Top Billing. But without that annoying presenter and weird art.

In essence we want to be those girls in the opening sequence of The Devil Wears Prada. The ones we hate for no reason other than the way they carry themselves, the fact they can pull off skinny jeans without someone yelling beached whale and their perfect hair.

As you have most probably gathered, we are totally unlike those women.


Give us some time and we will be the kind of girl you hate for wearing head-to-toe white without any food stains. The kind of girl who can command a room. The girl with the red-soled shoes and no waist.

This is our journey from penniless graduates to penniless juniors in the working world. From curvy women to skinny bitches. From single, we-don’t-need-men ladies to loved-up couples. From fleeing the nest to ocean view penthouses. And from merely dreaming of to wearing the red-soled shoes.

Enjoy the ride,

Ex-oh, Ex-oh

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