Sunday, April 12, 2009

oh no, I just ate the entire bunny....

OMG, right now I feel completely and utterly sick. The only thing that is saving me from turning green is the strong smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen as I type. But I just couldn't help myself. Let me explain myself, from the beginning.

Two of my bestest friends are Catholic and so each year lent dawns upon them, and me being a fabulous person (although notably not catholic), join in on the fasting of some luxury/indulgent 'thing'. The first year I can't remember what I gave up (probably swearing), the second it was Coca Cola (and yes I haven't touched it since, power to me), last year...mmm can't remember, and this year I unforgivenly gave up CHOCOLATE. Now I know what you're thinking, "stupid girl" and you're right. I should have given up sweets, vegetables, wearing jeans, but I didn't and it was too late for me to go back on my word and so the long month began. It went surprisingly well, even though at work I had two chocolate bars sitting in my desk drawer and the fact that my own mother kept 'accidentally' buying all things chocolate (as revenge I suspect). But the tables turned on thursday when, after a shit week at work, I caved in and had some early easter choccie. Did I feel guilty you ask? No, I was riding to high on those damm endorphins.

The problem came this morning when I woke to a little golden bunny with a red bow and bell around his neck. I think you all know what Im referring to, YES, my very own Lindt Bunny. Poor bunny didn't last very long as I started munching his ears, then tail and then suddenly 'poof' he was gone. Now I don't feel guilty for the bunny, I mean, he was created for the purpose of being eaten by someone who would appreciate him, someone like me. I just feel utterly gross now, like too much chocolate, way too fast can never be a good thing, even if it is Lindt. So now as I type this, im staring at the picture below this (of the bunnies) and I feel awful....I do not feel skinny, however I do feel like a glutton bitch.

A word to the wise....if you eat chocolate you will never become skinny...


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  1. You just made me feel one million times better!!
    i did the whole okay as of monday, no more chocolate, the diet is on, NO MORE!!
    Monday came around.... well its technically still part of "easter time" so you know the week doesnt realllly start till tuesday right?? needless to say i devoured another egg (ok or 3) but now its tuesday, and i have not eaten chocolate yet!! possibly because i have been awake for an hour... but no, its because of my restraint that may last this time!

    i <3 your aims, totally there with you ladies!

    Al x


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