Friday, April 17, 2009

I ♥ Cape Town

Because I work in an office in an uncool part of Cape Town, Observatory to be exact, there is nothing I relish more than having some time off from being an office administrator and enjoying Cape Town. If you have never been here, you won't understand. If you have, you'll understand perfectly. Remember in Sex and The City where Carrie says she's dating the city? Well Cape Town and I are having a scandalous affair. Unfortunately we cannot have a full-blown relationship as Cape Town has many lovers and as I rule I do not date Man Hos. But this week felt as if his wife had gone to visit her parents for the week and we didn't have to worry about being caught.

Starting with the public holiday on Monday, the girls and I headed on the scary N2 to Lourensford Wine Estate for the Coke Zero Fest. Armed with copius amounts of sunscreen, rockstar sun glasses and an '80s rock complilation, we arrived in the middle of the SA bands sets. I had an absolutely fabulous time despite the +30 degree heat. There was cheap booze, cute boys (many without shirts) and awesome music.

By the time Panic At The Disco came on stage, I had wrangled myself to the front of the area. This was great for catching glimspes of Brendon Urie (who I am soooooo in love with) but bad for stability. With the sun beating down hard in sweltering heat, I almost fainted. Eventually the Blonde Princess had to go and get me some sugar because there was no way I was giving up my spot so some 12-year-old emo girl could swoon over Brendon instead of me. And it was totally worth it, although they don't have a huge following in SA, Panic totally rocked the house. Snow Patrol were on next and by this time, my blood sugar levels were back up and the sun was setting. Gary, the lead singer has to be the most polite muscian ever or just very charming. He had 12 000 people hanging on his every word.

Without a doubt Snow Patrol were the highlight of the fest. And a tough act to follow. As Oasis found out. Their lacklustre performance meant I spent more time at the food stalls than listening. They almost redeemed themselves with Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova but it was not enough to win back the crowd. Another thing, I'm sure the crowd didn't enjoy was the eternity to took to get out of the parking lot. We were lucky enough to only spend an hour waiting. The Gay Best Friend was still there by the time I had dropped the Sports Fan at home, washed all the day's dirt off and was getting ready for bed.

Tuesday night was another fabulous night in the city. Had dinner with lots of people I like and some I really dont at Beluga. I had the most amazing Springbok fillet. Am still dreaming about it. Between Tuesday and Wednesday night, I have visited almost every gay bar on the pink strip. The Gay Best Friend has been moaning about the lack of good homo clubbing in his hometown of Durban. Because I have Catholic guilt, I agreed to take him dancing. I love gay bars but if see one more disco ball I will freak! Wednesday and Thursday were all about chillaxing. We had full body hot stone massages and paraffin waz pedis at a spa. Then we spent the next day in bed watching Will & Grace and eating leftover easter eggs. Bliss. The week has been ended off by watching 17 Again. Zac Efron! There are no words!

Except come of age, I feel dirty oogling you.

Today has been my last day of holiday and I spent it by going to the gym and buying things for my diet which I plan to resume soonish! Tomorrow will be spent attending a course and then heading to a farm for a birthday party. I'm only excited by one of those events.

All in all though, my love affair with the city has been spectacular and I cannot wait to have another tryst.

Ex-oh! Ex-oh!

Thanks to;; and for the pictures.

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