Saturday, May 23, 2009

IDOL's why does South Africa even bother?

Im not the biggest IDOL's fan out there, however I did manage to catch the latest South African IDOL's 2009 and while watching that I caught wind of the American IDOL's.
For South African Idol's website click here:
For American Idol's website click here:
Let me begin by saying that there is no comparison between the two. American IDOL's is the the bee's knee's and South African IDOL's, well they leave me slightly embarassed. I have no clue what South Africa was thinking when it (someone) thought "hey, if those American's can sing, then so can we", somehow I think someone was smoking something very strong when they made that 'executive decision'.
But American IDOL's, damm can they put on a show. And the level of talent...did I mention I fell madly in love with Adam Lambert and his voice...pity he bats for the other team otherwise I'd be in the USA by now stalking his every lyric. Needless to say I was highly disappointed when he didn't win American IDOL's 2009...what was America thinking this time round, did South African do some exporting I'm unaware of?

Please see the video below of Adam Lambert singing Madworld to fully understand my heartache for such an amazing vocalists....

Want more American Idol videos? Click here.

But alas, im sure he'll go far. I cannot say the same for our lot. We have not one, but two South African IDOL's. Not only did the cell phone networks royally mess that one up, but now the whole of South Africa is left confused as to who their IDOL is. Can we never get anything right? My advice, forget about our South African "IDOL's" and turn your concentration onto the Amrican one's. Kris Allen will have to do as the American IDOL 2009 winner, his take on Kanya West's 'Heartless' was fanstastic, see below for that one.

My heart, however, will always belong to my Freddie Mercury/Steven Tyler singing emo friend....GO ADAM...rock on!!!!
Singing loud and clear
Blue Eyes

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