Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Looks For Winter

There is nothing I love more than dressing up. Whether I'm going to work or out to dinner or even to the movies, I need to wear an outfit. I've found putting a little effort into your clothes and accessories works wonders. I feel confident, I look put-together and people notice.

Although I'm not really a winter person I do love dressing up in winter. There are just so many more options and combinations to try out. And I get to wear my beloved boots! Nothing makes me happier.

So this winter is sorta upon us. The last couple of days of sunshine have thrown a spanner in the works but it's still nipples cold at night.

Here are the looks I'd love to work for winter:

Ankle Boots

Although I'm short and curvy and could never pull this off, I still dream about them. I love the brightly coloured boots especially. Nothing says faboosh more than hot pink booties.

Ear Muffs

I travel over 20km to work and then I walk a bit of a distance from my car to the office. My poor little ears suffer as a result. So this season I have already invested in fluffy black earmuffs from Accessorize. They're chic and keep me warm. Bonus.

Purple Coat

I'm one of those girls dying to find the perfect coat. In the perfect colour. I want something that makes a statement and that attracts. I think purple, the colour previously only reserved for royalty, will be the colour of my winter coat. Now if only I can find one that doesn't make me look like Willy Wonka.


Probably one of the reasons I love wearing boots so much is cos I can wear stockings with them. I do have a couple of pairs of black opagues in my closet but my favourite ones are fishnets. But the small hole fishnets. I tried the larger hole variety and ended up looking a little whorish. Clearly not for me. Fishnets are so stylish and add some sex to the work day!

Jersey Dress

Flattering, comfy and chic. Everything you need from a dress. I've already got what I think will be the dress this winter. My is a blue knee-length number from Marion and Linde. I plan on working this number with a brown waist belt and brown boots. Maybe a necklace or a brooch. I want it keep it minimalist and make the focus on the dress.

This year's winter is going to be fabulous.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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