Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Mantra

We Skinny Bitches have always thought that a positive outlook on things is the best way to live your life. At times this is possible. Other times not so much. Like when you're scale announces you're now a healthy weight for a hefferlump or when you have to spend hours in traffic for a job you dislike or why no one believed Locke when he said they had to come back to the island and then he had to go and die.

For that reason it may be easier to take it one week at a time and live that week as fabulously as you can. So, Skinny Bitches are proud to announce Monday's Mantra. Each week we have a series of goals and affirmations that will dictate how we will get through the week.

Starting off with

This Week Green Eyes is going back to the gym.
We Believe in karma.
We're Addicted To cinnamon rolls. Mmmm!
We Wish it was August 1st.
We're Jealous Of Vanessa Hudgens. Why does she get to have Zac all to herself?
Soundtrack for the Week Money's Too Tight To Mention

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