Sunday, May 17, 2009

The ramblings of a Skinny Bitch (in the making) on a Sunday afternoon

It's Sunday, it's cold, it's miserable and I'm alone. Well not entirely, I have my thoughts and they go something like this:

I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist last night and loved it. Loved the movie because I could relate on so many levels, scary how close to home some movies can be. Saying that, im also a bit mellow, I mean there was a happy ending ofcourse, however, my life has yet to get to that point. Not to say im unhappy, Im just a thinker with too much alone time on her hands.

So tell me, why would a happy 23 year old, who has a great family, fabulous friends, a career-in-the-making and generally, a really good life, still not be completely satisfied? Do I blame movies? Do I blame jealousy? Do I blame impatience? Do I blame dreams and aspirations? Someone or something needs to take the fall here because I am sick of thinking this is not enough. Overall I would give my life a 8/10, so why isn't this good enough. 23 is still young, I reckon another 40 years to get the rest how does one stop herself from being too old too quickly, or wishing her life away before it has actually begun? See, it's not the future that worries me, it's the now...there's something wrong with that.

I don't have the answers, I don't think anyone does. It's just really sad to know and feel this. even when you know you shouldn't. Something makes me feel there's a little hole somehwere, something Im not quite getting or am missing.
Words of wisdom for a Skinny Bitch in the Making anyone?

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