Friday, May 15, 2009

My Secret

I am a huge fan of Postsecret. Every Sunday, I am log on to read the secrets. There are the ones that make me laugh. The ones that make me think. The ones that my heart truly sore. And then there are the weird sexual ones that make me make a face like Jim from The Office.

And the most bittersweet thing about it all, is that I can identify with so many secrets.

There are secrets like this that I don't mind identifying with:

Cos I always make a wish at 11:11.

Then there are secrets that I sometimes wonder I wrote while I was drunk and mailed them, and them promptly forgot about them:

Some secrets make me go awww:

And some give me an excuse to talk about my choice in music:

How true is the last secret for almost anyone. I have constantly though my ipod holds the holy grail to the music world in terms of 80s music, madonna, and soundtracks that it. I also think my mixes of "Road Music" volumes 1-5 deserve accolades and my Chillin' mix creates the perfect seduction soundtrack. With all my (what I think is) good music comes all the bad. The songs I delete before I let anyone else near my ipod. My bad choices include The Sound of Music, The Lion King, Paula Abdul, The Little Mermaid, Olivia Newton John, Rick Astley and Golden Girls theme song.
These are all my guilty pleasure songs. I'd love to know that I'm not alone in these choices. Please let us skinny bitches know what your guilty pleasure ipod song is.
And then pray this doesn't happen to you:

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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