Friday, June 19, 2009

2 New Contenders

Just a quick update to say that, although we have professed our love for The Place Near Beleza, there are now two more places that we're willing to apply for.

The first one is a few minutes walk from Kloof Street, which means it shall be named The Place Near Arnolds. Kloof street also has the Lifestyle centre, Saigon and I could walk to the gym as it's advantages. Unfortunately this place currently smells like stale smoke (we're hoping that will change), only has built in cupboards in one bedroom and offers no parking. There is ample parking in the street though.

The other place is also in Tamboerskloof and is now referred to as The Place Near Liquorice and Lime. You may remember it from here. Well we had another view, it was much cleaner than before and you cannot beat that view.

So we have three places we wouldn't mind calling home. All still need a Skinny Bitches touch and some decorating. But all will suffice till we marry the boys from Gossip Girl and move into penthouses.

Have a great weekend!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I have to hunt for a new place in August also. The problem here in Abu Dhabi it is so damn expensive...

  2. some good choices. Which one is winning so far?

  3. how cool - each one is near one of our breakfast places!!!


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