Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Flat Hunt Begins

So Blue Eyes and Green Eyes are finally starting to become grownups. And by grownups I mean we are foolishly leaving the rent-free, heating-provided, free-meals-and-satellite-TV arrangement of our parents homes to live on our own.

But when you live in the unfashionable parts of town and all you want to do is live in the CBD what's a skinny bitch to do. Let's not forget about the other fun things more mothers complaining at you because you wanted to stay in your pajamas all day, no more making the bed, no more fake-smiling at annoying relatives and more importantly no more dubious and disapproving glances when you stagger in at 7 in the morning with your makeup all smudged and your top the wrong way around. Also we can eat what we like, listen to 80s music all night, dance in our knickers, drink and cry when watching The Notebook (my dad complains when I scream at the TV) and have boys stay over. We could probably do the the latter in our current situation but this time they wouldn't have to sign a no-touching contract for our dads and we would be in the same room.

And so begins our flat hunt.

We are planning to move out in August into the cheapest 2 bedroom place we can find. (Skinny Bitches note: If you hear of anything please let us know!) There are many things we're willing to forgo in order to have our own homely bliss. We don't mind sharing a bathroom, we don't mind parking in the street and we don't mind ugly wall paint. We do however require decent size rooms to fit a double bed and side tables, some built-in-cupboards, and preferably an oven. Otherwise we'll be confined to cooking in a microwave. A view of our fabulous city wouldn't hurt either.

Last night we began the flat hunt with a viewing at a place in Tamboerskloof. It's up a scary high road and my poor little car was struggling. If we do move there, I'll have to drive with my choke permanently on.
The place from the outside was not looking too pretty. But at least it has this view:
(Excuse the bad quality of the pictures, I was trying to remain inconspicuous whilst actual residents were entering and leaving the premises).

And that view is only from the outside. Inside it's much better and both bedrooms have huge windows. So that's a definite plus. The entire flat is 84 metres squared. And there's ample space in both bedrooms. Below are some pictures of the bedrooms. This is so clearly a boy's apartment.

Next onto the lounge and sitting area This is also quite big and there is a balcony. So more chances to enjoy that view. The tenant forgo painting the place so the decoration is hardly Queer Eye style. But there's a lot of potential. we're thinking the right colour and accessories and tada! A palace fit for two skinny bitches.

The next picture is of the kitchen. It runs along the passageway of the building. So other residents will breathe in the aromas of your cooking. It's a good thing Blue Eyes can cook otherwise the only thing they'll be smelling is my world-famous-burnt-chicken. It could also use some fixing-up but otherwise it looks good and it's big. I couldn't get a full length picture. The tenant was following me everywhere and I felt more like a stalker rather than a future occupant.
Last and by all means least is the bathroom. It's not even nice. firstly it's got pink tiles. And it has a shower over the bath and even worse, it's got a shower curtain. I don't like to gossip, but mildew anyone?! This is definitely the place where good taste came to die. Also there was a leak in the ceiling which still needed to be seen to. We'll need it fixed and it has become a serious black mark against this place.

So there you go, there is option number 1. and apart from some decor problems it's really good for a first viewing.

Good Points:
- The size
- The view
- One bathroom and seperate toilet
- Secure complex
- Balcony
- Entrance hall

Bad Points
- Only one parking space
- Leak in bathroom ceiling
- No oven/hob included
- Shower over bath
- Needs sprucing up

Keep reading for more flat visits.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. What a cool post - loved seeing the pics! But please, change the orientation of your bathroom pic. It took me ages to work out how on earth you were going to sit your skinny little behind on that loo!

  2. Yay - that's SOOO exciting!. Dude, no worries, just buy a liddle oven like we had in the flat (ok stop laughing you can get bigger and nicer ones for really cheap) and throw away the old shower curtain and buy a pink one. to go with the pink tiles. oh yeah. At least it's not painted so you can decorate as you like! Yay!!!

  3. I've got a shower over my bath tub, and it's fine. You kinda get use to it.


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