Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few Of My Favourite Things

I'm a huge fan of musicals. Particularly The Sound of the Music. I have found that when I'm down, they make me happy. Not sure if it's the overly camp dancing, or lyrics or even the cheesy storyline. Things are enjoyed best when they are immortalised in song.

But that's not what this post is about. It's about the simple things in life. Those little, insignificant items or occurrences that make you smile without being part of the big picture.

Here is a list of my favourite little things:

Wearing my black wrap dress

There's just something fabulous about a dress that hugs all the right places and skims over the bad bits. It's versatile to wore to work and out for cocktails. And it's black which means it'll remain effortlessly chic and stylish. Plus I always dress it up with colourful shoes or a bright scarf.

Having a latte from Vida

At heart I'm a Seatte Coffee Co. girl but considering I work in an office park with not one, but two Vida e Cafes, I don't feel the need to be proud and righteous. Besides the I drink my coffee at Seattle is tres different to the way I drink it at Vida. I suppose what makes it even more fun is that on a boring work day, a single latte with one sweetner, makes all the difference. And taking the walk to the coffee shop is great exercise and a nice way to kill some time!

Hearing Blue Monday

My brothers and sisters grew up in the 80s. I was born in the late 80s. I may not have been there but I know all the songs. Which is way whenever I hear New Order's backing track, I instantly start singing "How does it feel to treat me like you do..." It's one killer song. So imagine my happiness when I turned on the radio on Monday and it was playing on 5fm. Good times.

Having an illicit packet of Salt 'n' Vinegar chips

I know S&V is not a flavour for everyone. These people (including Blue Eyes) are what I refer to as insane. The tangy the better. And do not even get me started on S&V popcorn. A movie is not complete with so much S&V flavouring until your popcorn has changed colour and you cough when you eat some. These delectable and mouth-puckering treats are best enjoyed when you're on a diet and need to take a break. Hence illicit. But as I have discovered, too much of these, won't only make your tongue numb, they'll make you wonder why you're on a diet in the first place.

Jim from The Office

I'm currently rewatching the american version and as much as my heart belongs to Tim, Jim is just so loveable. I'm not sure who I want to marry more. Considering they're both fictional characters, I don't have to make this decision just yet. Not sure if it's his pranks on Dwight, his love for Pam or just his Jim Face when he looks at the camera. But watching him makes my heart sing.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I also love musicals...Especially sound of Music

    Nice list :)

  2. The Sound of Music is just the best but I've never watched it whilst eating salt 'n vinegar popcorn! Will definitely give it a try - Thanks!

  3. you know i'm with you on that salt and vinegar! (suck it, blue eyes ;)don't worry guys, at least you have a job and therefore, some purpose in life!!


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