Monday, June 15, 2009

The Forbidden Garden(s)

Friday was a great day in Cape Town. First of all, it was great weather, it was a Friday and I got to wear a dress. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy as you can tell. But apart from those three factors, I was buoyed on by the fact that the whole plan to move out was officially happening.

Blue Eyes mentioned to me that the plan started almost a year ago. In fact the day we have set aside for moving is in fact the day one year ago Blue Eyes started harassing me about moving out. It's not that I didn't want to move out but on that particular day, I was nursing the effects of a quiz night at Neighbourhood and all I wanted to do was drink lattes and read Perez Hilton. But I am so glad that she started that conversation.

In little under a week we have seen four properties. Two have huge potential to be our casa. One is a serious fall back. Like both the other places have to unavailable and our parents have to kick us out. And the last one...well it feels like our place. But we wish we had never have seen it.

It's situated in Gardens, about 5 minutes away from the Gardens Centre shopping complex. For two skinny bitches who like to spend money, this is fabulous news. It's in a cute complex; there aren't many units but there are some cute boy neighbours! Already a plus. The flat is on the back end of the complex on the second level, which means it has it's own staircase. This will be great for those days when we're having fights with the future boyfriends and we're listening from the second floor and they're grovelling at the bottom. Okay, stuff like that doesn't really happen but it would be great.

When you reach the entrance, there's a welcome mat, three doors and a hallway. The first door opens up into a huge bedroom with it's own balcony. The second bedroom is slightly smaller but we'd be able to fit a double bed and a desk and there'd still be enough space to perform the dance routine from Slumdog Millionaire (Jai Ho!).

The kitchen and bathroom are quite nice looking, considering it's an older place. Which sadly means another shower over bath, but I am learning to deal. With this place, we're lucky enough to inherit a stove. It's actually a stove and oven but only the hob bit is working. The previous tenants left there, the current tenants will also leave it there and we'll be happy cos at least we can make pancakes even if we cannot do a roast. The lounge has one of those warm and cosy vibes. We could have probably taken off our high heels, grabbed a glass of wine and felt right at home. And I suppose that's why we're both so in love with the place. It felt like a home. Plus it had two balconies and it looked pretty.

Alas there was some bad news to follow. According to the tenant, their rent was way higher than what was advertised. The rent for this place was basically the most we're willing to pay. Something fishy was going on. It had to be what was advertised otherwise we'd have to forgo our dream. A call to the agency only confirmed our suspicions. The rent was still to be confirmed. Which we understood as, there's a lot of interest in this place and we're going to make the most of it rent-wise. This is totally sucky for us. But we're still holding thumbs.

Good Points

- AMAZING location
- Large bedrooms with built-in-cupboards
- Hardwood floors
- Two Balconies
- Fabulous Vibe

Bad Points

- Parking at an extra cost
- Shower over bath (still a problem)
- Rent to be confirmed

More to follow on this flat soonish.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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