Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Inventory

I hope we don't start boring you all with our moving out tales, but if you cannot tell, we're EXCITED, really excited. This is huge for us.

Moving-out cements the fact that
1. we are grown-ups
2. we are achieving our dreams
3. we're independent, woung women
4. that we're 100% all about fabulousness.

And so we'd like to fill you in on our 'inventory' list. This is a list of the things we have, the things we need, the things we'll beg, borrow and steal for, and most importantly, the things we hope to get as house warming gifts.

Excuse the bad copy quality of our inventory list, but cheap scanners will be cheap scanners. This list was written probably 4-6 months ago...see we weren't lying, we have been planning this for almost a year. On the list you will notice ticks, 1/2 ticks as well as blanks. Ticks mean we have, 1/2 ticks means we will have or steal via a family member when we actually move out, and blanks, for no obvious reason, means we still need. You will also notice on the list that we don't mention needing bedroom or bathroom stuff. This is partly due to us sorting out our own bedrooms and the first things we bought were for the bathroom, so nothing urgently needed for those rooms.

Some things on the list that I would like to point out:

  • did you notice that a Mr Can Man and Popcorn Maker are on the list? Yes, you may be thinking we can live without these things, we however disagree. Firstly, if I am not around how will Green Eyes open a can of food? She will starve. And secondly, how on earth do you expect us to be Skinny if we cannot make fat-free popcorn.
  • you will also notcie the mention of 1 x cat and 5 x fish, if you haven't read our previous blog about this, then please do, it will explain why they are on there.
  • we have 'entrance hall table' on the list, extreme you may ask, well we can dream can't we.

If you have noticed anything vitality important being left off the list, then please tell us. We don't want to move out and find that we are missing a Fondoo set or a personal chef. We'll be too broke by then to get them, so a heads-up will be much appreciated.

Skinny Bitches out

P.S. we have not forgotten the most important thing for a Skinny Bitch to have on her inventory list, a wine rack filled with wine, we'll have to hit Bastille Day in Franschoek and gather some much needed resources.

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  1. haha well i definitely think an entrance hall table is a must! I mean, you walk in from a hellish day of work or whatnot, and all you want to do is throw your keys and purse somewhere classy (oh hey! why don't i put it on the entrance hall table?!), and grab a bottle of wine... fron the classy wine rack of course ;)


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