Monday, June 22, 2009

I Don't Like Mondays

BE WARNED: moaning and at times TMI post ahead. Am feeling pretty shitty so excuse the lack of happiness in the post.

I think it’s going to be one of those awful Mondays. You know the ones that no matter how gung ho you are, you arrive at work and it’s like the life has been drained out of you. Today’s Monday Blues have absolutely nothing to do with the grey and wet weather currently casting a shadow over Cape Town and my mood. But it’s not helping either.

The bad thing about a Monday like this is, it makes me question why I’m at my current job. I don’t have a problem with the people (well most of them anyway), or the company (it actually looks after its employees really nicely and we eat lots of cake) but I have a problem with being a receptionist when I have a degree. And it’s not an office administrator’s degree. It’s a proper, recognized bachelor’s that I earned. Most days I’m okay with this job, it pays nicely and I can go on the internet whenever I want. But on a Monday, not even watching a sneezing panda on YouTube can make up for it.

Apart from feeling sorry for myself and my Monday situation, I think I wore the wrong outfit to work today. I thought I’d rock my skinny jeans with a voluminous white shirt, you know balance it out. But then I thought the white shirt was too plain on its own. So I added a bustier-type top to wear over it. Problem was, I have not worn this bustier-type top in years and while it fits, it rides up and exposes my love handles. So I’m constantly pulling it down. And then, this is where it gets a bit personal, I wore the wrong underwear too. Instead of choosing a pair of lacey, pretty things I chose a pair of ugly, period pants that are super comfy but just degrade the entire outfit. So not only am I trying to hide my muffin top, I’m also trying to hide my knickers. I look like I’m having a spastic fit. If the people at work didn’t think I was weird before, they do now.

The only light at the end of my tunnel is a trip for a latte later. Not only do I get to leave the office but I get to surrounded by people who call me princess. You gotta love the vida guys!

UPDATE: I wrote this post around ten this morning and because I had only been at work for an hour and a half when it felt like three hours I was Ms Grumpy Gills. I am now happy to report it's Vida Time and it's only three hours till home time which means I can continue my Gossip Girl season two binge. Monday is looking better already.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I wont tell you what happens at the end of season two...but i will say you will LOVE it


    HAve a great rest of your monday

  2. OMFG! I am so excited to see how it ends! I may have to skip work tomorrow! This is much more important!

  3. I feel the exact same as you. Monday Blues are horrible! I had no time to get ready properly in the morning which means that I'm wearing clothes that do not make me feel good and to top it all off, my skin is a mess. I usually love going to work but today I feel exhausted, hot and uncomfortable and really hungry even though I have eaten lunch. Roll on 5:30pm!!! Can't wait to get home and sort out my wardrobe so this never happens again!

  4. Hey I saw your comment on Working Girl. I feel the same way - good 4-year degree and I'm a receptionist except I got upgraded to an office by the front door. Love your blog. It's too cute.


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