Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On My Mind Today...

When I was at the hairdresser the other day, I was informed that despite using my GHD religiously I had quite healthy hair. It wasn’t damaged by the heat. I boasted it was because of my heat activated fancy products. Hairdresser’s response, “That would explain your dry scalp.” Turns out I use too much product on my hair and then I don’t rinse it all out. Which leads to dry scalp and at time flakiness. But it’s not my fault. Well not entirely. I have lots of hair, it’s thicker than Serena’s on GG and after rinsing it for ten minutes, it kinda feels like it’s clean. Luckily she gave me two options to deep cleanse my hair. I could either use another fancy product which I’d need an overdraft for or I could use a kitchen remedy. Apparently a bit of baking soda (or bicarb soda) mixed with shampoo will do wonders. So I tried it and I LOVE it. Okay it was a bit weird in the beginning and it sort of fizzes but it made my hair squeaky clean.

Literally it was making a noise. I shampooed for a second time and then I added some Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat and what do you know, my hair is amazing. It’s shinier and smoother and no more flakes! I try not to advise people on products unless I’d tried them myself but this time I strongly urge you to try it if you need it. It’s a beauty and it’s super cheap!

Okay one of these days I’ll start crushing on real people. But until I get over my fear of rejection I’m perfectly happy looking at famous boys. My new guy is not everyone’s cup of tea but that’s okay. I don’t have to fight with as much people. His name is Taylor Kitsch. You may recognize him from The Covenant or the Wolverine movie. Or hopefully the guy I’m posing with on my Facebook page. Fingers crossed!

When I saw him in the Wolverine movie, for once I was not concentrating on Hugh Jackman’s abs. Being a huge fan of the cartoon series when I was younger, I was absolutely gutted when my favourite character, Gambit, did not make an appearance. It was more painful than watching Halle Berry’s performance of Storm. All she did was close her eyes and suddenly it was misty? Nonsense. So there I was, stuffing my face with salt and vinegar popcorn, nom nom nom and suddenly someone mentions the character of Remy Le Beau (it means the most handsome in French). Now as a true fan, I knew exactly who this was and I was not disappointed. He was sexy, he had stubble and he could throw a mean pack of cards. Another reason I think we’re meant to be, he was recently in South Africa to film a movie about The Bang Bang Club, a group of photographers who worked in townships during the apartheid era. See we have lots to talk about. It’s kismet.

As frequently documented on this blog, we’re going to be big girls and move out of the house. Whilst we have many of the things we require for the other rooms in terms of colour and appliances. My new bedroom has very little going on. Yes I know I’m jumping the gun, but I am a planner. So although we don’t have a place just yet, I have already started planning what I want in there. Originally I wanted to make it sexy boudoir chic but I’m so messy and tend not to make my bed so that’s out. How does a pile of clothes on the floor equal bedroom bliss. So now I’m thinking of going for some patterned wallpaper. We’re getting a huge wall in our office covered in personalized wallpaper so it’s on my brain. The sad thing about this, it probably won’t happen as many landlords don’t allow you to paint or wallpaper. I also thought about having an all-white bedroom. But again I am messy and an all-white bedroom with smudges does not have the same serene effect. I haven’t decided on anything else new at the moment but I am spending most of the work day browsing interior decorating websites. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Love the patterned wall paper!

    I need to get some of that redken stuff...

  2. I never knew landlord's didn't allow wallpaper/painting! That sucks. the patterned wallpaper woudl have been tres classy. If you could paint, I would have suggested a crazy bold color like orange or red on like 2 of the walls... one of my friend also painted song lyrics on her wall rooms... If nothing else, cut out hot chic photos from Vogue hehe

  3. you're going to love me for this tip, but instead of patterned wallpaper what about vynil stickers (as in you can remove them when you're done.) Here's the link
    and they do custom designs too.

    ps- my room is all white and it is a mission and half to keep it like that

  4. ppa- excuse my spelling. it's pre-coffee

  5. that is pps not ppa
    oi vey! it's going to be one of those days!

  6. girl - i get redken at cost price here so very happy bout that - and all my skin care products! Loving the black and white thing, is very big here so let me know if you need me to post any accessories! Check on for inspiration (am longing for the day when SA gets an ikea).


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