Thursday, July 30, 2009

sometimes Karma can seriously bite you in the ass

Apologies for not blogging in ages, however im not to worried you'll hate me as I trust green eyes is doing a pretty good job and im there every week in our mondays mantra.

You're probably wondering why. Lets just start off by saying that karma is a bitch, not a skinny bitch, but an oversized, kick you in the gut when your down super bitch. This is what the last two weeks have been like for me. And yes, I am allowed to feel sorry for myself.

Two weeks ago friday I was a perfectly happy chappy as I looked forward to watching Harry Potter. Yes folks, I watch Harry Potter, I love the books and i'd date that sexy wizard if I could. So I get home after the movie (note: folks are in UK at this point) and I hear this weird noise. Thinking someone was in my house I ordered my dog to go see what it was...that was useless as he was just as freaked as I was. So off I go to see what was the cause behind the noise. To cut a long story short...that noise was water running down my bedroom light and hitting my flooded room. The damm geyser burst and decided my room would be the perfect route to take whilst trying to exit the house. Needless to say I panicked. I called the gays, hung up on them, called my folks in UK-got answering machine, called the gays again and freaked out. Luckily, the gays came round and rescued me. Whoever said gay men cant do rugged manly things doesn't know what they're talking about. So with a little help from the insurance people and a spare geyser in the extension it wasn't too much of a luss - except for the 5 loads of towels I had to wash.

The second thing that kept happening was my house alarm kept going off for no apparent reason - im still to this day waiting for the technicians to come round to fix it.

Third thing that happened was that the shit hit the fan at work and I stress very easily - im a perfectionist so I hate it when things aren't as they should be. Luckily enough I have fantastic colleagues and bosses who make it all that much more bearable. Obviously I cant share with you what happened, but know it was a huge kick in the gut and currently still trying to get through it.

Fourthly, on my way to work in traffic yesterday my car decided to over-heat. I now officially hate my car (who goes by the name of TOM). So I pull over, wait for car to cool down, then turn around and head home to switch cars. Get to work everythig is okay. Then I can't find my cell phone and realise later that day it must've fell out of my bag and is in the car somewhere. Not a problem you wonder? Wrong - serious problem.

Fifthly, this is Cape Town and when you accidently leave a cell phone on your car seat, be sure you wont find it there when you get back. Damm scoundrels smashed the passenger car window and stole my phone, in broad daylight in the heart of Die Waterkant - are you kidding me?

So with all these bad things happening to me I have to wonder whether someone has cursed me or whether this is karma coming round to say 'hi'.

On the bright side - I know my threshold for disasters and my luck has to change sometime - and im hoping it starts when we move out. Yes folks, 1 day to go before our dream becomes a reality.

Wish us luck, we'll post pics as soon as we can.



  1. After this you'll be able to handle anything life throws at you!!

  2. so sorry to hear your phone got stolen - that bites.

    Hope your weekend is fabulous...and wishing you lots of good luck

  3. Your luck is bound to change now.
    Good luck with the move!


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