Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fun

I'm leaving work now for a half day. That's just how I roll. But why should I have all the fun on this Friday. I found all these fun pictures which have literal meaning song titles. Can you guess them all?


Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

PS. have a fabulous weekend


  1. Ok, the little dancer on the hand must be "tiny dancer" by elton John. tha cash register one might be "cant buy me love"

    and the last one must be "video killed the radio star"

  2. Is the second one "jamming up the air"?

  3. The answers are:
    where the streets have no name
    pump up the jam
    penny lane
    tiny dancer
    can't buy me love
    heal the world
    smells like teen spirit
    video killed the radio star


Whoop! There It Is!