Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, Housewarming and No Cleavage

It’s Friday and it’s payday. Could there be any other reason to be happy. Just looking at my bank balance alone makes me smile. Then I realize it’s Friday and I keep on smiling. It’s one of those days where nothing can make me sad. I’m also wearing patterned stockings and that always puts me in a better mood. Also District 9 and Coco Avant Chanel both open up this weekend. Tres exciting. This will be a good time to take advantage of those awesome movies and meals specials The Labia is having.

Looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow is our housewarming and we’re really excited. Mainly because there will be a dozen bottles of wine in our flat. Unfortunately it is not all for us but when in Rome. I think there is no better way to enjoy your new flat than drunk. We also decided to be friendly neighbours and invite the rest of the complex. This is our way of letting them know the 80s will be on full blast and also to spot the elusive cute guy. On our moving day, we were not looking our best because we were moving furniture and didn’t know anyone in our building yet. As a result, we were sweaty, red in the face and wearing less-than-fashionista attire. Of course, that bitch of a law, Murphy, brought a total hottie to our door whilst we were moving. What did total hottie do, apart from seeing us look fugly, he offered to help. We politely declined, because we did have loads of help, but also because we don’t want to be remembered as the ugly girls who listen to boybands from downstairs. We haven’t seen him since but we’re hoping that will all change this weekend. Unless of course he’s got a girlfriend.

In other news, I have been approached by a new magazine launching next year to do a style diary. This would be great, except for the fact that said magazine is targeted at Muslim women and the diary will be all about me stepping out of my comfort zone and dressing according to Sharia Law. That’s the law that states, and I’m paraphrasing badly here, that women need to be covered up. Considering I think my cleavage is my best asset and none of my dresses go below the knee, this is going to be a challenge. I’ve already started thinking about wardrobe choices and basically I’m screwed. I am an out and out dress girl. My ass looks huge in jeans but I think pants will be the safest bet. Stay tuned to hear me griping about it later.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. Have a fab weekend. Cant wait to see Coco and District 9 :)


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