Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Driving Me Mad, It's Driving Me Mad*

*The title of this post comes from a Beatles song called I Want You. I thought it was an appropriate reference considering the nature of this post.

I really need to stop browsing Net-a-Porter. All it does is make me sad that I cannot afford the clothes.

Here are the latest pieces I am crying over:

This DKNY wrap dress is amazing. The crossover in the front would hide the aftermaths of not going to the gym. I’m thinking some gold bracelets or a chunky gold necklace would help.

I love love love this skirt from Steven Alan. I want to forgo the next few months food budget so I can buy it. Yes it’s simple but the shape is for me, the perfect skirt. I want to tuck in a white shirt and bold blue belt or wear a feminine blouse and rock some fierce heels with it. I want it so bad.

This is a strapless taffeta dress from Donna Karan. Can you say cocktail party.

Corsets are going to be huge this summer or says my new issue of Cosmo. I like that this Bottega Veneta dress is sexy on top but is knee length. So this dusty lavender number will provide you with some mystery when you’re out on the town.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I want the DKNY black cocktail party dress

  2. Buy it! Buy it! And live hungry for a month. I always put wine before food, so you can do the same with fashion. :)

  3. Love the khaki skirt and the black dress!


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