Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Award Season

My new obsession, apart from trying to find the perfect pair of gladiator sandals, is makeup. I have always worn makeup. Then I met two very special beauty therapists at my previous job and found out exactly how much one can do with makeup. Considering my new obsession, I am now besotted with makeup blogs. I’m loving the reviews, the trials and the opinions of bloggers. And frankly anyone who can use liquid eyeliner without smudging deserves a gold star in my book. I am still struggling. So thanks to all of you who have enlightened me with your makeup blogs. Keep on rocking!

So it is with great delight that I found out Skinny Bitches was nominated for an award. We love awards! And by a fabulous beauty blogger no less. (Go check out Eliza…her blog is faboosh).

Now here is what I have to do. Thank the person (Eliza, you rock) and then name 7 things that people might find interesting. I am also supposed to tag other blogs but I am very indecisive and cannot decide who gets what. So this once, if you feel you deserve the award, Gorgeous Blogger by the way, you can claim it!

*My ideal dinner party guests would include Madonna, Perez Hilton, Henry Cavill (just to look at, he doesn’t need to talk) and Carrie Bradshaw.

*I can fold my tongue in a weird shape. I used to think it was cool until someone told me it freaks them out. I feel like I have a superpower.

*My favourite X-men is Gambit.

*Whenever I wear new or pretty underwear I have an urge to show and tell people. I have been warned this is not appropriate behaviour particularly when at work or with a guy who is not gay. This makes me want to do it even more.

*I have sent through a postcard to Postsecret. It has yet to show up there. But I have identified with many of the secrets on there.

*I find numerous ways to say the phrase “crack-a-lacking” in conversations. I have even commandeered discussions so I can use it. I need help I know.

*I am thinking of deleting friends from Facebook if they keep on sending Farmville requests. If you're trying to avoid word, can't you be like me and blog rather ;)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I'm totally with you on Farmville, but I managed to get it to stop notifying me, which means I can go near Facebook again!

    Congrats on the award! you totally deserve it!

  2. Gambit rocks!!! I hearted him so. I still haven't forgiven the movies for what they did to Rogue.

    Love your blog.



  3. MAC penultimate liquid liner- like a eye pencil but with liquid so no chance of messing up- ever!


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