Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shopping, Style and A Return To Happiness

Last week was not a good week. But I am happy to report that the bad vibes are gone and I am feeling much better. For a start my skin is clearing up. Largely to these great products from the new Dermalogica range, Clean Start. They’re for teenage and young-adult skin. I might act like a teenager most of the time but my birth certificate states otherwise. I’m currently using the scrub and mask duo. It’s a-mazing! You apply it like a mask, let it set and then you wet your fingertips and massage it in and tada! It’s an exfoliating scrub. I’m also using the spot treatment and I’m hooked. If it was a guy I’d dedicate him cheesy love songs and write his name all over my notepad.

In other news, shopping played a major part in the past weekend. Both grocery and personal shopping. It’s really nice to have a well-stocked kitchen again after that bad week before you get paid. I take advantage of my mom and dad’s house a lot that week. On the shopping front, I really needed some new shoes. I was hoping to get a pair of gladiator heels for some summer loving. There is this Jimmy Choo pair that I absolutely love. And I found a local equivalent. But sadly they didn’t look as good. So I’m still on the hunt for those. In the meantime, I bought a cute pair of black peep-toes that I cannot wait to wear. I also bought a black Grecian dress. It’s long and flowy and makes “the girls” look amazing. Now I’m looking for some gold rope to create a make-shift belt.

Based on the trends in the shops, Grecian along with boho chic and the 80s will be huge. I don’t want to be a trend victim so I’m approaching these trends with caution. Especially after this past weekend. I walked into Jay-Jays hoping to construct the perfect hipster look. I do live in the city centre now, you know ;). I gravitated towards the coloured jeans, slogan tees, cardigans and wet look leggings. But then I found myself next to a group of 12 year-olds who were obviously doing the same. They were dressed head-to-toe in skinny jeans, converse shoes and tight tees. I swear if I looked in their bags, they would all have multi-coloured wayfarers. That was then I realized I was so not going to try and follow a trend. But rather incorporate a trend into my personal style. While I cannot pull off brightly coloured skinny jeans, I can rock skinny jeans with some killer heels. While every other hipster is sporting boyfriend cardigans and tights instead of pants, I will be donning a boyfriend cardi and a cute dress. What I lack in warfarers I will be making up in trilbys.

So far it’s been a good week. I’d rather it be weekend but I can deal till then. Hope everyone else is having a good one.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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