Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Holiday

This year I had one of those amazing holidays that I never wanted to end. Now I realise that sounds a bit silly. Who would ever want a holiday to end. But sometimes, mostly when I was studying I would get a bit reckless when I had so many days free. This year I only had two weeks so I decided I'd make the most of it. And what better place to spend it than Cape Town.

What I did:

*I finished my xmas shopping in record time.

*I walked to most places in town, burning off calories and saving petrol.

*I watched Avatar and although the graphics were amazing I thought the plot and script were eh.

*I went to the beach on an overcast day and burnt.

*I along with Blue Eyes hosted our first ever Christmas party, aptly titled Christmas Ho Ho Hos and Bros.

*I went to the gym and had the best workouts because I didn't have to rush.

*I found out where all the cheap breakfast spots are. Carmellos in Kloof street have a great special on btw.

*I watched 2012 and cheered along with the rest of the cinema when Cape Town was the place they all sought refuge.

*I went to the beach on a scorching day and got a nice tan.

*We had the most amazing burgers at Royale.

*I tried to master my new curling iron. It's not going too well. Half my hair has these amazing waves while the rest look like little girl curls.

*I had one of the best cosmopolitans at FTV. But I really do not like the remodelling.

*I saw The Rebound and have found myself in love with Justin Bartha.

*I watched the sunset at Signal Hill.

*I counted in New Years with my gays.

*I ate way too much carbs.

*I went to the aquarium and saw how slow the sharks swim. I could totally outswim them.

Hope everyone else had a faboosh holiday.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Well done on the 40 minutes of cardio this morning - you rock!

  2. Mine wasn't near this fabulous, but I will steal your holiday and remember yours as if it were mine. xo


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