Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yeah It's Tuesday

Normally Tuesday doesn’t illicit such a happy response from me but any day after the Monday I had I’m really glad it’s a new day. It was so bad I couldn’t even conjure up the energy to blog. So we’ll be doing the Mantra a bit later today.

The day started off as crappy as any other Monday, got up way too early, made my way to gym. At gym, worked out a bit, watched some E! and then tried to think of ways of avoid work.

Work is a whole other story but basically the fact that I didn’t murder any of my coworkers is a miracle. When I finally managed to leave, all I wanted to do was change into my comfy clothes, watch trashy TV and eat bad food. As I’m still on my last day of detoxing I didn’t have the bad food. Or in fact do any of the other stuff. I got a call from Dexter who’s in town for work and instead got all dolled up and met him at his hotel for a drink.

Spending a couple of hours with a bestie who shares your weird sense of humour is enough to make any Monday fabulous. Major snaps for Dexter.

Just like that my week has turned around. And it’s going to get even better. It’s almost lunchtime and have a great meal prepared. Also we’re having massages at work and I’m in the next spot.

Hope you’re in a happy place.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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