Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's Mantra

This week is all about relaxing.
I believe hell is freezing over in Cape Town
I’m addicted to my mom’s black forest cake.
I wish it was the 22nd already. UK holiday here I come!
I’m jealous of anyone who can rock over the knee boots. Being short sucks!
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week Father & Son – Cat Stevens

Image from here.


  1. Relaxing sounds like like a great idea for this week. I can't rock those over the knee boots either! hehe.

    Beautiful song by Cat Stevens

  2. "hell is freezing over in Cape Town" - Oh, I totally agree with you there! I'm am totally freezing, and I feel that my mood is going down with the weather. Haha!
    Wow, you are SO lucky you are going to the UK! Fabulous- you can have summer while we freezing our asses here!!!
    Hope the rest of your Monday is cool

  3. It is really cold here right now.

    Have a great evening x

  4. You may be pleased to find out that I brought myself a pair of over the knee boots (at R1500 it was no easy picking) and I am not short, yet still can't completely pull off the style. I think a girl is meant to be 6ft3 and like a bean pole. Therefore whenever I put them on, I'm not totally convinced and therefore can't really rock them with absolute confidence.

    So, 99,99% of us are in the same boat!

    There, do you feel better? :)

  5. UK trip! Aah I am so jealous. My best friend mailed me his itinerary and I am green with envy. I am so keen for an oversees holiday!


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