Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I've Realised

I listen to Lady Gaga too much. Yesterday my mom called me and when I couldn’t talk I said “Sorry I cannot hear you I’m kinda busy, k-k-k-kinda busy.” May need to switch back to my 80s collection for a while.

I love dressing up in winter. Yes, it’s freezing and it’s a mission to even get out of the warm bed but afterwards it’s all worth it. Layering is a big thing in our flat. Also we love accessorizing with scarves, gloves and hats. So I think deep down I’m a winter baby. Also I get to wear my beloved boots. Major drawback about summer, you cannot wear boots. Well you can, but you might get called a hussy.

That negative people need to move away from me. I’m not talking about sad people or people who have real problems. I’m talking about the moany cows that always look on the bad side of life. Instead of trying to cheer them up, I’m walking away. I’m not a biatch I have just realized that these people will always find a way to be grumpy gills so instead I’m avoiding them. They will not bring down my ray of light.

I’m stuck in a coffee rut. I love my Vida but I’m thinking I need to branch out a little. So this weekend the gays and I are heading out to find a new haunt. If you have any suggestions (particularly one that serves food) in the City please let me know.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. I also love dressing up in winter

    Ye, im with you on the negative people point - they must keep their bad vibes away :)


  2. Hey!!!
    You have inspired me to like Winter!
    I really like this post btw.. its so honest.. I also dislike pessimism - its so unnecessary!
    Well, apparently Lazari has really good coffee! That's the next place I want to try!
    I also love Melissa's and Origin's coffee ofcourse!

    P.S. have you tried Bird's in Bree Street? Apparently their food and coffee is amazing too!


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