Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Open Letter to Boys

We’re single girls and while we’re not on a serious lookout for love, we cannot resist the charms of the boys. Not all the boys as we have found out in our recent nights out. We know that it takes a lot of courage to go up to someone you don’t know and try to get their attention. We’ve done it too (once I went up to a beautiful man only to find out he’s gay – totally broke my heart) and it’s nerve-wracking especially when you think you’ll be rejected. So do not see this as only an open letter of advice to the boys in clubs and pubs who think “they’re the man” and can get any girl they want but more of what not to do list in case you were looking for a line.

Just so you know girls do not feel bad about turning down a guy who tries to chat you up with an awful line or gesture. Here’s a little secret, just saying hello and introducing yourself will do wonders. It may not work but you’re more likely not to get a drink in your face or have the manager ask you to leave. That’s right, harass us enough and we will go diva.

So I’d like to say a big Dude Please to the following types of guys:

To the guy who thought “I’m like Visa, I’ll take you places” was going to get him some action, dude please.

To the guys who think that by dancing close enough to us, we’re going to magically let you into our circle and become your love slaves, dude please.

To the guys who follow you around in the hopes you’ll turn around and say “You’re just what I was looking for”, dude please.

To guys who grab your hands and call you beautiful, not as bad as some of the others, thanks for noticing my looks but seriously, dude please.

To the guys who wear wedding rings, dude please.

To the guys who bite you, (this happened to Blue Eyes) that’s gross if we don’t know you and it leaves marks our mothers will see, therefore dude please.

To the guys who are drunk, you don’t make sense and more than not, spill your drink on us (it takes effort to look like that so blotch it up) so, dude please.

To the guys who wear mesh tops, Crocs or white Saturday Night Fever suits, these really bug me and I’m not sure what girl with style and class would want to get all up in that so there a loud dude please!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. I would like to challenge you to a follow-up post on this SB! Now that you have told us what we can't/shouldn't do, how about letting us know what we should be doing? "dude yes" - My girlfriend came for me, so I think it should not be just up the dude! This is a new world, dudetts should get involved in the first approaches more. Nice post friend.

  2. Very cool post! :).

    I agree fully with this >> Here’s a little secret, just saying hello and introducing yourself will do wonders.

    Peace dude :) xx

  3. @ads mitchell
    I'm totally going to do a follow-up. I also just want to point out that I love boys and I do appreciate that it takes a lot for them to come up to us.
    I have also gone up to guys and it can lead to some exciting times. but i'm old fashioned at heart (read shy and lazy) and prefer them to do the work. will let you know when the new post is up!

  4. Wahahahaha poor dudes!!! Yhe biting and wedding rings though - ick!

  5. mu friend CG tends to get licked in the ear by random strangers... and they wonder why she doesn't go for them?

    And try "You're overdressed, can I help you with that?"

    Dude, PLEASE

  6. This is so true.... *loves it!! And might I add... To the guys who think you owe them something (ie:a kiss or something similar) because they bought you a drink at the bar...Dude please!!


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