Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the Love of Shoes

As everyone knows, you cannot be a Skinny Bitch without some fancy footwear. Manolos, Choos and Louboutins will all be part and parcel of the lifestyle once you can say “I’ve made it”.

Unfortunately as we are only Skinny Bitches in the making we’ve had to downgrade our shoe dreams. While we will not compromise on style, we do love shoe brands that agree with our current bank balances.

Right now, the brand that combines both fabulosity and fits into our budgets are Bronx Ladies. A brand which has completely revamped its image from what I remember from my younger days. The new styles could easily be mistaken for the high end stuff yet the prices remind you it’s a real person’s brand.

I recently opened up my inbox to find their latest summer range has landed and it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Below are my personal favourites from the range. If you’re like me and heart the below, then you can head on over to their website or call Jordan Footwear on 021 590 7000 for your nearest stockist.

I’ve got my eye on a pair of the Hero heels. I can already see myself rocking them with kaftan dress. I’m thinking something gold or neutral. I just love this shrimp colour and think the shoes are ultra sexy.

These shoes are so freakin’ hawt. But have to be honest not something I think a short girl like myself could pull off. I may have to convince the roomie to rock them. Can you imagine these with a white shirt and some leggings. I’m thinking dramatic makeup and messy hair and tada! Sexiness!

Ah, the good ol’ wedge. For someone who wears heels every day, wedges are the perfect antidote for a day off when I still need some height. And they look great with summer dresses. I have the perfect maxi dress for these shoes.

For those who prefer some flats, there are days when even I do, have a look at this beauty.

These snakeskin heels are totally going to be my go-to work shoes. You could pull off a LBD or even just a pair of skinnies with these heels and they'll still look super chip. Yes please!

Any favourites?

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Wow, we have Bronx shoes in the UK but I didn't know they'd revamped their style. The shoes look fab, far better that the styles they used to sell! My favourites are the snakeskin heels, I want them now! xx

  2. Love Louboutins...just wish I could afford them. At the moment Aldo have some really nice winter shoes and boots out! Drool!!!!

  3. Nice post! I like it* hmm, think it's every womans dreams to own a pair of manolos ;)

  4. Hero heels and the flats - Deeevine!
    Ah Manolos... 1 day, just 1 pair is all I ask.....


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