Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Away In Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, us Skinny Bitches and Samie took a little road trip to Knysna.

Here is our weekend in pictures...

The Roadtrip, stopping along the way for breakfast

Beacon House where we stayed

The view

Breakfast in town

Day of fun on the beach in Plett

The Knysna Forest and King Edward Tree which is 650 years old

Checking out the Knysna Night Life

Exploring The Heads

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Wow, the house you stayed in looks gorgeous! looks like you had a fabulous time! xx

  2. That looks like a gorgeous place to stay! I want a weekend away now!

  3. Lovely Jubbly Bitches! and Sammie

  4. Love the place you stayed. Looks like you had fun in the most amazing town!

  5. Love Knysna!
    Glad you had fun. Next time come for a drink on the farm ;-)

  6. Lucky skinny bitches! Looked like fun!


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