Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Woman's Right To Shoes

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll know me as Tweets in Heels. For those who don’t, my love of shoes, particularly high heels should not be foreign to you. After all I literally write for shoes.( If you don’t believe me check out the blog I write for Bronx Ladies where I get paid in shoes).

In summary, I’m a big fan of heels.

Being blessed not only with curves and gaydar, I also am vertically challenged. Which means heels are my saving grace. I instantly go from knocking into average size people’s knees to knocking into their shoulders. Now as an avid heel wearer I must admit something. Even though I’d be nothing without them, there are times when these little beauties can hurt. I’ve found that I can usually manage a full day of heels without complaints. It’s what happens after I leave work that’s the problem. If I have a shopping errand, those fierce heels that have made my outfit start making me use four-letter words. If I go dancing and have not had the benefit of a foot massage beforehand, when you see me shouting my way through Don’t Stop Believin’ it’s really me trying to channel the pain somewhere else.

So when some angels dropped off this little number I was overjoyed.

Kiwi’s Smiling Feet are a gel cushions that can be slipped into your heels and can alleviate some of that pain it takes to look good. Those clever peeps have even gone one further by creating an entire range of gel cushions to treat several different areas that might that can be a tad uncomfortable.

I’ll definitely be pairing these handy little things with all my heels. After all, why should we gals compromise on style.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Getting paid in shoes sounds like my kind of job! I'm a 24/7 high heel wearer too and those new products sound perfect for those killer heel moments! xx

  2. We have these in a different brand in Australia.. I can't for the life of me think of what they are called, but they are amazing.

    Party Feet! That's it :)

  3. I don't often wear heels but when I do, I LOVE these little gel rescuers!

  4. Anonymous said... whatever you girls have to do to keep wearing them, im all for it!



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