Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oooh La La

Last week I was very lucky to attend the media launch of some fabulous underwear brands courtesy of Brand Identity. So along with some other blogger peeps and magazine ladies (who are all so well-dressed you feel like even your best threads are potato sacks next to them) I headed to Wembley Square to see the new collections from After Eden, Elle Macpherson and Maidenform.

We were treated to some snacks and drinks and a showcase where all the new collections were shown on girls whose bodies are to die for. A show and some motivation to go back onto diet ;)

There are some very, very seksi things coming from Elle Macpherson's collection. Future Boyfriend, I'm going to need you to step in right about now with your family money 'cause these are beautiful but would destroy my savings.

 After Eden is a great brand and is actually in my budget. When you're blessed with a little more something something on top, you know not just any old bra will do your 'girls' justice. They are the business. And something to look forward to, they'll be launching their swimwear collection. They also have a loungewear and travel collection. They explained it as the comfortable alternative clothes that you'd change into when walking the dog, travelling long-distance or popping out to the shops. Basically they're fancy fat pants. And they're very pretty.

 Then there was the Maidenform stuff. Now as you'll know as a reader to this blog, I am a big fan of magic knickers or shapewear. I probably wear mine about 3 times a week.The only thing I don't love about them is that they are not the prettiest of things. They always come in granny beige and although they work wonders, they are the *last* thing you want to be wearing if there is any chance of sexy time. That is, until you've converted to Maidenform. These shapewear items are the stuff body sculpting dreams are made of. And they're so pretty!

After the showcase we were allowed to look through the collections and walked away with a fab underwear set from After Eden.

 Thanks to the lovely ladies at Brand Identity for the invite, the insights and the seksi knickers.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. I looove pretty bras, but thinking about paying R250 for something relatively new, when a trusted and loved Wonderbra is right there, it's a difficult mindshift


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