Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Escape Caffe

Our last Coffee Club outing took us to Escape Caffe in Bree Street.

I started hearing things about this place a couple of months ago but never found the time to drop by. As I found out, I’ve also driven past it almost daily without evening knowing it was there. It looks like a little hole in the wall and when we arrived, bright and early at 7 I was worried it wasn’t even open.

But we took a chance and lo and behold, it’s all types of fabulous inside. And crazy big. If you’ve heard of this place, you’ll know the big draw card is that it’s owned by a Nobel Peace Prize winner. That is great and all but I think the big pull should be that it’s exactly what a coffee shop should look and feel like.

For one it’s spacious yet still feels cosy and comfy. So lots of peeps can sit, work, enjoy a coffee or chat without feeling like they’re disturbing others or their space is being encroached. There’s light music in the background and some bustling behind the counter so if you’re alone in there  the atmosphere won’t feel creepy.

Now for the coffee. We had our usual lattes and they were delicious. It’s interesting to note they have many more types of coffees up for order. Apologies if these are common knowledge and I’m just a cretin ;) For instance you can get a mini latte or a Piccolo, there’s a Macchiatone and also an Aussie Magic. No idea what the last two are but my fave has to be a Sleep Suicide which is a 40 whole grams of coffee. This would have been handy when I was a final year student. 


Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

Escape Caffe
Manhattan Place
130 Bree Street
Open Monday to Friday 07h00 to 16h00


  1. Such a funky place.
    I have no ideas what those coffees are either. But not sure if I would have an Aussie Magic.....mmmm

  2. Wow this place looks amazing! xx

  3. looks very pretty, my sister tells me there is an amazing place at the Biscuit Mill (haven't been but it is on my list).

    1. oooh, when you find out the deets, let me know. can add to our long list of places to visit.

    2. I did find the deets and am planning to try it as well.
      Espresso Lab Microroasters

    3. deeets no.24u >> (something to try in between muffins, cupcakes & diets) via http://b-guided.tumblr.com



    4. Ooh, we actually went to the new Deluxe last week. Must still put up the post. Was lovely but didn't have my camera so have to "borrow" some images and then can post it. Thanks though!


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