Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Month...

...has been a hectic one. 2012 in fact has been pretty hectic. There have been some amazing moments in this month, one I cannot blog about yet but soon. There have also been many, many downers.

So far this month:

*Lost the oil cap for my car and had to get a new one. Plus had to have my car engine cleaned. Did you know there's engine shampoo?!
*I have gotten sick and went three days looking like crap
*Had to repair my car exhaust pipe
*Put on weight (technically my own fault but still)
*Walked outside to find my car had been knocked and my bumper was on the ground. Thanks to the douchebag who did that btw.
*Scheduled a dermatologist appointment the day before payday and without finding out the rates.

And after all of that, this is how I feel:

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Sorry to hear about your tough month. Who knows why these things happen - remember the good things too - like the fact that you have a job to pay for these things and also that your body could heal itself! I know that doesn't always help - so be sure to get BIG HUG from someone! Hope August is a fabulous month! x

  2. Rough! Hope it goes better next month

  3. go to myog. always makes me feel better (especially when the hot french server with the hipster glasses is working the counter) and it's fat free too so double bonus!

  4. thanks ladies! much appreciated.
    and yes, Myog is on the horizon. That server is too cute!

  5. shame allison. at least spring is in the air.


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