Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Internet is Hilarious

Of course we all know the interwebs are funny. They keep me out of work daily ;)
But did you know it could be this damn humourous. And it's all thanks to the Skinny Gossip that I'm ROTFL.

 This blog was originally started as a gossip site with a "snarky counter-view to a culture that glorifies excess consumption" according to its owner. So basically she (I'm guessing it's a girl) wanted to provide satire on a subject that is touchy. This would have worked if the site wasn't so shamelessly Pro-Ana, in my opinion anyway.

The blog post that has peeps up in arms - and me dying of laughter - is the one concerning Kate Upton. Want to know what the SG thinks of her? She's fat, y'all. And that's why I giggled.

"She looks thick, vulgar, almost pornographic – and she is a solid 30 lbs too heavy for this outfit.""

"Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition – she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are “striving” for now? The lazy, lardy look?"

Look at this "fat ass"! Are you kidding me?!

I'm not trying to be a douche here but when you have forums like "Starving Tips of The Day" and headlines such as "Britney Spears Chunks Out Again" and "Barbara Palvin Has Gained Weight" I start to wonder if you are providing social commentary or just being a troll. I have read the posts listed above but haven't read the entire site. The forum above is currently closed because the owner wants to review, edit and possibly rename it. So I cannot say that I know all of what's going on in there. The problem to me is that instead of providing satire and snark alĂ  Dlisted or The Supercial, it comes across as vitirol.

The owner has updated the blog to say it will be changing. And that she too suffered with food issues. As someone who constantly has weight issues and a food obsession, I can understand why she prefers to attack rather than jest. It's easier that way.

If she does continue with her blog, I just hope that there's no more of this nonsense and she actually puts the inspiration into thinspiration.

OKAY, rant over.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. Fat pffff. I'll show her fat!

    Some people just need a hard punch to the throat. Not that I promote violence or anything ;)

  2. Love this post and agree, it's hilarious that they see her as "fat".

  3. Not fat but definitely should NOT be modelling, she has no waist *puke* and big saggy boobs, and the type of body that when she hits 30 starts to pile on the pounds, and become a fat forty old.

    1. really? I think she's perfect to model. I get why skinnier girls are models because they're the perfect clothes horse but I think some like Kate Upton is also good. The average girl is more like to look like her than a size 0 so it just shows how runway trends will look on the rest of us.
      and I think at least now we can tell her boobs are real. which is a big plus from me. much better than fake!

  4. lol yeah really......I do not like her proportions, she is too straight and doesn't have a nice waist to hip ratio....we will see in 10 years time what she looks like ;)
    Yes her boobs are better than fake ones :) but they look a bit droopy already :/

    Being a model opens one up for criticism etc, but if you are earning those big bucks I think I can make comments.

  5. I had a look at their website and quite honestly I was a bit shocked. It is absolutely fine to promote a healthy lifestyle and wanting to look skinny, but none of the girls she is attacking are actually fat. They may not be skinny, but they are not fat. In this regard she is not providing social commentary, is not witty nor funny, she is just a bully who gets off on making simply rude remarks while sitting on her high skinny horse.

    1. I agree with everything you said. Feel the exact same way.

  6. you guys are insane. Kate Upton is super hot. why does everyone seem to think a skeleton with skin draped over it is sexy?


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