Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brand ID Lingerie Launch

Yesterday I attended the Brand Identity Media launch. Brand ID is the company responsible for bringing After Eden, Maidenform and Elle Macpherson Intimates to SA. So I think we owe them a lot ;)

I got to mingle with some fabulous other bloggers and writers including Rebecca from All4Women, FashionJazz, SA Fashion Girl, Kathryn from Becoming You and Leozette Roode.

We were talked through the ranges from the companies and got to learn a lot about which styles, brands and even colours work for the SA market. The new ranges are all very fabulous and it's nice to know that's a style that will suit everyone's budget. When I meet Future Boyfriend and we have money I will be parading around in Elle Macpherson (I'll also have a slammin' body by that time - hence the parading in my knickers). For now I can buy After Eden and still look as seksi.

Here are some of the highlights:

Love this bra from EMI, especially the little frill detailing.

This is an example of my fave type of underwear. Sadly not an example of my fave price point. Luckily After Eden do a similar one. See below.
Almost the same as the Elle Macpherson one but cheaper :)

How cute are these little cut-outs. I want!

Thanks to everyone involved in the launch for the invite and especially for the fabulous gift below. Cannot wait to wear my new knickers!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. and where are the pix of little allison wearing the underwear? (i might be so bold as if 2 ask) ;)

    1. trust me you do not want to see that. it's akin to the marshmallow man in ghostbusters.

    2. well, then i will just imagine it when i am lying in my warm bed tonight ;)

  2. Replies
    1. she does. sadly i cannot afford it. but think I'm going to save and treat myself to something.


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