Friday, November 9, 2012

Cotton On Super Store Launch

It doesn’t take a lot to make me smile, get me excited or scream and jump up and down. However it does take a little something special to get me to act like this:

That was me on Monday when I received an email to the launch of Cotton On’s new super store in Canal Walk. I think if you could measure the time between me reading and hastily cancelling all my other plans so I could attend would make Usain Bolt jelly.

I love Cotton On. I like that they have bright colours, the sales people always tell me I’m a Medium instead of a Large and they’re affordable. For some reasons I cannot fathom I seem to have a bad relationship with money. Obviously the amounts I spend on cupcakes, take-away coffees and glitter products are not to blame. So when something stylish and in my budget comes along I am very happy.

The only problem I used to have with Cotton On is that it seemed as if we never got the good stuff. If you looked online at the Aus store (where it’s originally from) you can see so much more fashion choices and departments. It was like we got a smidgen of what was on offer.

Well, like my willpower on a diet, that has all ended. The new store is huge for a start so it can start housing all the other departments. Instead of just the smaller pickings of ladies and menswear, we are now able to shop activewear, body, swimwear and kids. And there’s even a mini Typo gifting station. They’re from the same company so score!

There are so many options that it was hard when I was walking around. I got distracted by the lace, the glitter sweaters, the retro-style swimsuits, the colourful skinnies and the cutest pairs of knickers. 

Sue getting tres excited about the swimwear.
From what I saw nothing seemed priced over R500 which was music to my ears. In fact I heard Money Money Money ringing consistently I almost expected Donald Trump to pop out.


And even though they’re so well-priced there are some opportunities to save more. I noticed quite a few 2 for R250 or 2 for R400 deals around the store. In fact I managed to pick up two adorable skater skirts and got a lovely surprise when I got to the till. 

Another great thing about the store is the staff. I realise it was their first day and they were out to make an impression but they were on top form. They were helpful, attentive and promised to make every shopping experience like this one. So if you’re at Canal Walk next time and wonder why the store’s closed and I’m munching away on a plate of canapés, it’s because I’m getting the ultimate shopping experience.

Love this colourful display in the kid's department.
I must give massive props to Atmosphere Communications for the invite and the awesome morning. Make sure you get on down to the new store, it’s bitching!

For those that need the proper deets about the launch:
*Cotton On has over 1000 stores and over 150 000 employees worldwide.
*They original started 21 years ago in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
*Their target customer is 22 years old.
*South Africa currently has 17 Cotton On stores with plans to open another 12 by the end of the year.  

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. i am actually not going to be able to sleep tonight cos i want to shop so badly and this time i will elbow other customers out of the way. going gangsta tomoz.

  2. OMMMMMMMMMMG I love cotton on! This super store looks amazing xx

  3. Cotton on is super cool! Been shopping away in Jozi for a while now. My problem is I like to think I have a weird body shape and that is why so many things look weird on me

  4. Eeek!! Cannot even describe how much I love your blog!

    Been awaiting Cotton On as desperately as I do a cheat day and the Durbs launch is fast approaching! Photo's look gorgeous!

    Can't wait for the next post and installment of Dear FB!

    Love Tash FashionCherry Team

    1. thanks so much for the lovely comment. I've had a hectic morning and it's just gone 9 so that has already made Monday better.
      checking out your blog now :)


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