Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Problem With TV According To Moi

TV shows used to be my escape from the world. While, when I’ve run out of cupcakes. So it saddens me that when I try to revisit a beloved TV show (i.e. spend a weekend re-watching it because I am broke and payday is a week away) I manage to find so many things wrong. So I have decided to compile a list of things my favourite TV shows have done wrong. And yes, it’s been a long-ass month of me having too little money and lots of time…

…The Gossip Girl Writers Think we’re stupid. 

Nate probably thinking 1 +1 =?

There is this moment in season 5 of GG where Serena’s dad says her brother Eric cannot come home for an event because he’s stuck in Zaire. And then Serena corrects him  by saying “I think it’s called the Democratic Republic of Congo now”. Like she knew that. Her dress is literally cut down to her navel but we’re expected to buy that she knows where it is and that there’s a country called the DRC. Bitch please. The other thing that really makes me mad because I take the journalism world so seriously is that Nate is running a publishing company. Nate…I realise he comes from a world of privilege and connections but this isn’t an assistant position. He is the editor in chief. And he has yet to finish college. Or *not* fuck any female character with the exception of his mother on the show. Nice one.  

…Carrie Planned Her Trip All Wrong.

This could have been avoided.

 I have watched the final season of Sex and the City way too many times. And after all the shit Big has put Carrie through, she deserves a fabulous older ex-ballet dancer who can provide a happy life filled with new adventures, aka The Russian. So when they meet, he is a famous artist who hasn’t done a show for years and has infinite time to spend with her. He gets a new show in Paris and invites her to move with him. All of a sudden he is working all the time and not there for her every moment. So girlfriend who is understandably a little homesick gets all weird in his grill and then they break up and Big arrives, blah blah blah. Now if I were Carrie, I’d realise, hey my boyfriend is about to embark on an artistic comeback, maybe he needs a bit of space. I’ll move countries when he’s closer to the opening and then when it’s done we can carry on living our amazing lives together. See, problem fixed.

…Debra Messing Cannot Dress For Shit On Smash

Intervention starts now.

Her character is a successful playwright with musicals on Broadway. She is trying to adopt a little Chinese baby. She also has a double-storey house. In Manhattan. She can afford to stop wearing ill-fitting cardigan shrug thingys and palazzo pants. Also, enough with the scarves.

…The Other Carrie Is Clearly Not Allergic to Sulphur

Glug, glug, glug

So I have a slight allergy to sulphur. Which means I cannot drink more than two glasses of wine before I turn into a sneezy, red-faced wreck. I once drank an entire bottle of sparkling wine in half an hour because of boy problems and the result was not pretty. So I take my wine slowly. Carrie on Homeland does not. Firstly it’s pronounced Kerri which is weird in itself. Secondly, she drinks the stuff like it’s water. Taking big ol’ gulps like she’s been in the dessert and shit. I have never ever seen anyone do that to wine before. It’s just not right or fun. And I once lost a drinking game in Thailand and had to drink a bucket of other people’s beer.

Anything bugging you?

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. crochet is good (also less prone to accidental brainwashing incidents than tv is), and when you are old you will be so good at it that you can run the 'Crochet Club' at the retirement home...
    for more...

    1. um... and also "Taking big ol’ gulps like she’s been in the dessert and shit", unless she has been swimming in pudding then i think u meant this

      but other than that maybe try changing the genre (type) of TV, so instead of action try sci-fi (that is a guy example), but when I read, I alternate when i get bored of horror, I switch to Sci-Fi by the time i am bored of Sci-Fi I like horror again.

    2. gawd, I am way too lazy to correct the post but thanks.

    3. If you're going to start correcting spelling, you should really just sign under your actual name. Also you used the letter "u" when you meant "you", so I just can't take you seriously.

    4. thanx suze, i 'll keep that in mind just4u

    5. I'm sorry, you address me as if I know you. Who are you?

  2. I enjoy your posts :)

    Love Gossip Girl (how can it be ending?!!?!?) and I would like to address your comments: you can wear crotchless panties, let alone a dress open down to your navel and possess good general knowledge, my IQ's quite high but I'll wear revealing there is no correlation, maybe you should have said that since she spends all her time partying, shopping and fucking that she has no time to read or watch TV and build a general knowledge base, but never judge a person's intellect on their attire.

    As for Nate, you get book smarts and you get street smarts, he probably has a combination of the two, plus he grew up spending time with his grandfather so he would be business savy enough, a degree is not a requirement for success, I know a few really wealthy men who did not study but achieved great success using their natual apititude for business, so maybe behind that pretty face lies a sharp mind, lol since it's just a darn TV show we can hypothesise forever and say whatever suits our opinion.

    And Carrie, dude she NEEDS that wine.....haven't you ever NEEDED alcohol and to feel its effects fast, I have gulped wine down like that before.... think I'm bi-polar like her character too though.... :/ heh heh.

    1. thanks for the nice comment.
      I have no doubt that girls can wear whatever they want and be members of Mensa and that you don't need a degree to succeed but Serena and Nate? Hahahahaha.
      If they really were clever they wouldn't be outsmarted by Blair and Chuck all the time. They're the ones with the goods :)

    2. lol I actually am a member of Mensa, it's an easy society to get into... anyways Serena is a bit of a jet setter, and on her travels may have spoken to a fellow first class passenger and they had mentioned visiting the DRC, who knows, lol but knowing bits of trivia like that doesn't imply that she's really smart. And yes One Stiletto, it is a dumbed down show but somehow addictive, and can't believe we're over analysing it heh heh. The love story between Blair and Chuck is what really captivated me, I have found the last season and the current one a bit flat, oh well :/

      Let's hope the writers have done the character's sagas justice and we are happy with how it ends.

  3. Unlike these other comments I agree completely with you, I used to love Gossip Girl and will still watch it mainly for the fashion but it is a rather dumbed down show and don't get me started on Nate sure he is "hot" but couldn't the writers have made him a little less stupid, most of his lines are simply him stating the obvious!!

    I adored Smash and can't wait for season 2 but every time Debra Messing came on the screen she has the style of a depressed hobo in pajamas and it totally distracts me from the actual scene.

    1. haha, i feel the exact same way about Smash. Also cannot wait for the return. The musical numbers are the best.

  4. *clap clap* well said, especially GG - seriously? SERIOUSLY!

    I watched an episode of Royal Pains recently. How fake is that show and the acting? Really?

    I love How I met Your mother as the continuity is just awesome (or LEGEN-dary?)

    1. I haven't watched HIMYM yet. I've heard so many good things, am worried I'll watch and be disappointed.

  5. OMWord that post made me giggle out loud!
    Great post!


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