Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So back in 2012, we first visited Truth inBuitenkant. At that time all they were was a construction site and a side hatch. Fast-forward to now and the hatch is still there but inside is a steam-punk haven without one bit of construction.

The new HQ has been open for some time but we only got to experience it properly a few weeks ago. If you’re ever looking for a great place to meet friends, have a coffee date (as the loved-up couple in front of me were clearly on), a mini work meeting or just need a place to park with your laptop and a latte, this is the place.

The place has lots of seating, so you can grab a table, a booth, a couch or even sit at the communal table with other peeps. Personally I love these table of long tables when there are small groups of people. There’s a sense of togetherness but still everyone has their own space.

Normally here is where I’d touch on the coffee. But this is TRUTH. We know the coffee is good. What I can tell you is that their service for 7 in the morning was great. Coffee came out quickly and was all warm and delicious. Also all the cups and saucers were different. Which is a fab touch. In fact the whole d├ęcor of the place was fabulous. The overall theme is definitely steam-punk (with the staff adorned appropriately) and it’s very industrial chic.

The important details you need to know are it’s open from 07h00. You can use the hatch for a quick take-away but inside is where it’s really at. There’s food and really tasty croissants (I can vouch for that), and from time-to-time it also plays house to several events and markets. This is really where it’s at.

36 Buitenkant Street

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