Monday, August 12, 2013

My Life in Gifs Part Six

The level of activity/action in my life at the moment 

How I have been spending my weekends 

As a result, my new thoughts on life 

My plans to diet  

Me around a boy I like 

Me around boys that I don’t like (yes, I know I’m a bitch)

When faced with the prospect of a date 

Then the panic sets in

When I realise there’s no time to get lover-ready 

How I see my future 

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Images from here, here, here and here

1 comment:

  1. always look on the bright side of life - mary poppins.... don't worry winter is almost over...

    do a spring clean and dump some rubbish, it might help...

    don't get cats...really... tropical fish are prettier and there is no smelly litter tray to clean...


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